Selam! Welcam, welcam to the first Habesha Network’s blog entry! We are so excited to create a space where we can discuss all things from current events, news, business, entertainment, to the best injera in town!

With Christmas around the corner, many of us will be traveling home to spend some quality time with our families. Nothing beats staying in your pjs all day planted in front of the tv watching movies. Or so I’ve heard. I wouldn’t know because I’ll be in the kitchen at 6am chopping onions as my clothes absorb all the smells, and I relive my childhood nightmares of opening my backpack in class and being horrified as all the ferenj kids would turn up their noses trying to locate the source of this new and potent smell. But hey, at least our food is seasoned!

No but seriously, there’s nothing in the world I would trade for injera. I’m actually salivating typing this… 


As I hope you all know by now we are extremely excited to be hosting our first ever Homebound with Habesha Networks! This is a chance for us to connect and collaborate in the Motherland. With the goal being to engage the diaspora around the world to visit home, there is no doubt that this will be the experience of a lifetime! 

If you haven’t already booked your ticket, weyyy guuuud! Don’t find yourself filled with regret scrolling through pictures of your cousins living it up in the motherland. Learn more about the trip here then book your ticket today and join us! You’ll also find our full itinerary and some exclusive discounts available just for YOU!


Alright, so once we make it to the motherland, we are starting off the most epic week with a mixer at The Diplomat. Our mixers in the past have led to awesome business connections, finding long lost cousins and even a whole wedding! Imagine, you could find your future husband or wife at this! Don’t miss your blessing! Elelelelelelel! 

The rest of the week will be a mixture of entertainment, networking, and philanthropic events with the last three days being spent exploring Eritrea!  

This is the first Homebound with Habesha Networks and we are extremely excited to spearhead such an important and sure to be rewarding movement. We look forward to seeing you all very soon! Don’t miss the next blog post where we will be sharing with you pictures and memories from this trip!


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