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Melate Bekele

As Chair of Habesha Networks will provide leadership to the Board of Directors and the organization as a whole. The chair sets policy and encourages Board’s role in strategic planning. Helps guide and mediate Board actions with respect to organizational priorities and governance concerns. The chair is expected to appoint the board members, chairpersons of committees, and anyone in consultation with the organization. The chair also monitors financial planning and financial reports. Evaluates annually the performance of the organization in achieving its mission. Evaluate the performance the effectiveness of the Board member and programs. The chair will perform duties as spokesperson of Habesha Networks and In addition to performing other responsibilities assigned by the Board.

Melate is an experienced relationship management, communication, and international development professional. She has over 13 years of private and public sector experience consisting of strategic planning, community relations, project management, stakeholder engagement, and development.

Melate was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Philanthropy has always been a passion of hers, since she was young, she volunteered at nonprofits and stayed an active member in the Ethiopian community. Melate studied Communications and Ethnic studies at California State Fullerton. After finishing her undergrad she traveled back to Ethiopia for a year contract working on the Millennium Goals and basic services working throughout the country.

She returned to the US where she got a Masters in Communication Studies at San Jose State University. Her research focused on international development and the effectiveness of international organizations in developing countries. Following her master’s, Melate spent 4 years in DC consulting nonprofits with stakeholder engagement and project management.

Melate later founded Habesha Networks in 2016. A platform and nonprofit created to connect community members and supporting community development. Her work is providing local and abroad impacts to Habesha communities. Melate currently works for United Way of Greater Los Angeles partnering with donors by connecting and engaging them in poverty issues.

She spends her time mentoring, advocating for the community, and finding resources. Melate’s life purpose is creating connections, providing access, and helping others.