The HN Impact Campaign

Impact Results

The HN Impact Campaign

Impact Results

HN is improving & transforming lives all around the world

    • 60 events around the world
    • 19 cities
    • Over 10,000 attendees hosted
    • Top 5 countries:
  • USA
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Ethiopia
  • Eritrea


    • Business Opportunities  
    • Job referrals 
    • Mentorship 
    • Community 
    • Connections 
    • Resources
    • A Network/Community,Friendships, Relationships

“ Thank you HN for giving us a place where we feel welcomed and have community”  – NY attendee 

“ Such an amazing event and I met so many people. This is the first time i felt good in Habesha space” – DC attendee 

“ I am forever grateful to HN because I met my girlfriend and soon to be wife at your event” Social media  

“ I went to an HN event and met with people in my field. I was able to get referred to job and got it in my field all because of HN” – LA attendee

The Habesha Dream

A 1 year campaign focused on immigration needs for Habeshas

  • Provided resourceful, humanitarian aid, and volunteers
  • Food, clothing, supplies, shelter, money
  • Generated awareness events, social media and marketing 
  • 7 trips to Tijuana 
  • Translation via in person and on the phone at detention centers
  • Raised $11,000 – Via events, sponsorship, marketing & gofundme

Covid Relief 

In response to the current COVID-19 crisis, Co-Founder of 10 Summers Records, Mekonnen Yohannes, is partnering with Habesha Networks to provide some support directly to the Habesha community. Any and all members of our community were welcomed to apply! Whether they are  a student, small business owner, artist or creative, family, or individual that needed a little financial relief during this crisis. The fund helped families, business owners


#BridgeTheGap was a discussion on recent travels/trips to Africa! In addition, attendees discussed the disconnect between Africans, diaspora and Americans. The goal was to learn how we can unite and bridge the gap locally and abroad within all these communities.


Dr. Senait consultant for WHO gave an overview of the Covid-19 crisis, answered some questions and provide a list of next steps and actions that we all should take together.