A Message From Habesha Networks

Habesha Networks was founded in 2017 to create a positive and inclusive space for all Ethiopians and Eritreans to network, build meaningful connections and share knowledge with one another. As a grassroots non-profit organization with chapters in multiple cities and countries around the world, Habesha Networks is committed to developing and implementing methods of connectivity and support between our diverse communities across the globe. The emphasis of the organization has always been on community development, philanthropy, thought leadership, and social and professional networking, while providing members with resources to help in bridging the gaps and growing a stronger Habesha Network. 

We are aware of the devastating conflict that is currently happening in our motherland. However, it is important to remember the role of Habesha Networks is not to report on events as they unfold, nor do we deem the issues of one region to be greater than any other region. Rather, our focus is to help all of our people in whatever way we can, especially those on the ground greatest affected by the conflict. We research reputable foundations and fundraisers like UNHCR that we can share with our followers to assist in providing aid to our community on the continent. 

With tensions high across the Horn of Africa, our prayers have been with every part of Ethiopia and Eritrea. Knowing our purpose and position in the community, we have always intentionally maintained political non-partisanship as an organization. Our goal is to push for peace and unity amongst all. We celebrate the beautiful and rich cultural diversities that exist in our countries, and we firmly stand against all divisive rhetoric and behavior. 

As a people, our diversity should be what strengthens us, not what separates us. Since our inception, we have encouraged and supported constructive dialogue that focuses on creating and delivering solutions that will serve our community for generations. This is not an overnight task and we have long been committed to do the work that is necessary for our community to thrive.          

We hope that you join us in exercising greater compassion and empathy, pushing back against anything that alienates us from one another and continue to keep Habesha Networks an inclusive and positive space for all, as it was created to be.

Love always,

The Habesha Networks Team

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