Lulit Solomon

Lulit Solomon photo

Head of Global Partnerships & Brand Ambassadors

As the Head of Global Partnerships & Brand Ambassadors, Lulit is responsible for maintaining relationships with potential Habesha Networks partners. This includes overseeing collaborations and aligning brand continuity. In addition, Lulit also organizes and coordinates the evaluation process and onboarding experience of Habesha Networks brand ambassadors across the world.


Lulit Solomon is a Los Angeles native and the Integrated Marketing Manager for Jaunt Inc., the global partner of choice for producing and distributing immersive media content. As an early adopter in an emerging industry, Lulit has a unique ability to bridge technology and creative media for brands and companies across various industries.
Her 10+ years of experience in traditional and digital marketing, creative sales, e-commerce, social media strategy, and event planning in both domestic and international markets have equipped Lulit with excellent organizational and management skills. She has a proven track record of success in media, technology, and the entertainment industry, all fueled by her passion for impactful work on a global scale.
As an Ethiopian-American devoted to her culture, community, and heritage, she developed a strong appreciation for travel and curiosity of other cultures. This which led her to London, UK in 2010 where she focused her studies on global diasporas and international relations at Imperial College. She went on to graduate from Long Beach State University of Long Beach in 2012 with her Bachelors of Science in International Business with University Honors.